MEL Scripts


A convenient GUI for shrink wrapping (for retopology, etc.)


What it’s for:

The standard Maya Transfer Attributes can shrink wrap one model to another. This is a very powerful feature, however is it unintuitive and cumbersome to use due to the selection order…  e.g. say if you want to shrink wrap 100 verts from your low rez to the high res: probably are you already working on your model in component mode, so first you have to switch to object selection, THEN you have to first select the High res first mesh, THEN switch back to component selection, THEN select the 100 verts before running the command.

This script is a just a very simple GUI that makes shrink wrapping  one-click process.


Shrink wrap points from one model to the closest surface of another.
OR (bonus) Point snap vertices from one model to another.


Shrink Wrapping

Select your high poly mesh, and click ADD to add it to the list.
Then when you click “Shrink Wrap to Surface” it will shrink wrap your selection to the High poly mesh.

Point Snapping

Select your source mesh, and click ADD to add it to the list.
Then when you click “Shrink Wrap to Vertex” it will snap your selection to the closest points on the source poly mesh.
(NOTE: because this function uses the “closestPointOnMesh” node, it only operates in local scape. So both objects ideally should have frozen transforms and ideally not have any parent transforms.)


UI Issues under LINUX for Maya 2010 and under. Works fine with QT Maya 2011 and higher. I need to  add a -h flag to a layout and remove the resize to fit children flag on the window

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